Here are some of our favorite picks for public school in Park City, UT. These schools are for Elementary, Junior High, and High School aged students. 

Silver Summit Academy is a public school located within the South Summit School District for education of K-12. Utilizing technology paired with face-to-face instruction that helps students reach their individual educational goals. They provide a full individualized STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) specifically designed to meet the needs of 21st century learners. 

Jeremy Ranch Elementary School is a kindergarten through eighth grade. They are committed to developing personal integrity and learning for all students. The teachers take your children’s well being and education seriously and go above and beyond. It was named as #35 of Utah’s best elementary schools in 2021. 69% of students scored about proficient for math and 66% scored at or above for reading. This school prepares students for high school and goes the extra mile. Starting in first grade, students have the option to enter the French Dual Immersion program. 

McPolin Elementary School is a public school located in Park City that hosts grades Kindergarten through 5th. They provide a full dual immersion school in Spanish and gives full support to the Park City community. 

Parley’s Park Elementary is located in Park City, Utah. They serve 600 students from grades Pre-k through 5th grade. With a comprehensive learning environment that engages students in deep integrated learning such as English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Currently they have 40 teachers, 10 academic coaches and interventionists, and 10 educational support personnel. As well as a full time nurse, school counselor, behavioral interventionist and a 50% time social worker available for all students. They offer Spanish immersion via a lottery starting in 1st grade. 

Trailside Elementary is located in Park City and is grades kindergarten through 5th.They provide a high quality, comprehensive, and meaningful education to each individual student. Between school and collaboration of community, students are empowered to achieve academic excellence as well as succeed in a globally changing world. They offer French immersion via a lottery starting in 1st grade. 

Treasure Mountain Junior High School is a public school located in Park City that teaches grades 8th and 9th. Their mission is to empower students to reach their full potential in a diverse and dynamic world. With approximately 781 students, they have amazing resources and technology. 

Park City High School is a public school located in Park City that teaches grades 10th-12th. With phenomenal teachers and a vast array of classes to appeal to nearly any academic, creative, and specific interests. They also have an impressive list of clubs and extracurricular activities for every student to enjoy.