Spring is officially in full swing and you know what that means—spring cleaning. Either you love it or hate it but it is just something everyone feels that has to be done after the winter season. Inside and outside, we have gathered this guide to help you efficiently get your home back in tip-top shape and ready for summer. Put on your rubber gloves, it’s time to get cleaning. Here is a brief list of what needs to be done in the major rooms of every household:



The living room sees a lot of use by multiple family members. This room needs extra love and attention. Aside from the average dust and vacuum, get into the nitty-gritty and clean all parts of this room. Vacuum down sofas, launder pillows and blankets, wipe-down the TV screen and lamp shades, and sort through unused DVDs. Giving this room TLC will pay off when you’re spending time with family in a nice, clean room.



Dining rooms see a lot of crumbs and grime in their days. Make dining enjoyable by washing the table cloth, wiping down the seats leaving them spotless, and polishing silverware and china. It is important that the places we eat are especially hygenic to prevent getting sick.  



Perhaps the most tedious room of them all: the kitchen. This room can appear as a challenge to clean because of the many drawers and cabinets. Although time consuming, removing everything out of the cupboards will feel so rewarding. Just take a warm rag and wipe down each item and reorganize. Skipping this task will ensure those plastic leftover containers will stop having matching lids. Take time to throw away anything expired in the refrigerator and freezer as well.



Dust, dust, dust. Bedrooms can get extremely dusty, don’t miss spots such as ceiling fans, vents, and floor boards. This is also a great time to throw a load of curtains in the wash to get the dust off of them as well. Clean out places where you may throw junk as well such as underneath the bed and closets. This may be a time to consider donating clothes you have not worn in the last year as well.



Since the bathroom is a room that should be cleaned regularly anyway, this room shouldn’t be that bad. Go through cabinets once again and rid any old soaps or cosmetics that you may have been hoarding. Deep-clean the tub and throw some drain cleaner in the drains. Stay on top of your grout and make sure none of that needs to be resealed. Wipe down the shower curtain if applicable and throw material curtains in the laundry.



The front door is the first thing guests see when they walk into your house. Dust and dirt are sneaky about clinging onto doors without being noticed. This is the time to wipe down all door handles and the fronts of doors. Sweep around your driveway or front door if necessary. Sometimes rocks and dirt get skewed everywhere during windstorms. While you’re at it, give a look at your welcome mat, if you can no longer see where it says “Welcome,” it’s probably time for a new one.


If you hate spring cleaning, take these projects on one day at a time. It’s important to remember that staying on top of cleaning saves even more grief and cleaning in the future. Cleaning can be a stress-reliever and make your life feel more organized. With these basic tasks, spring cleaning should be a breeze.