You’re finally comfortable with the idea of moving homes, but now you’ve realized that adjusting to a new place could be a challenge for an important family member— your dog. Moving shouldn’t be “ruff” for anyone involved, with these tips, you’ll soon be settled in your new home with a happy pup by your side.


Don’t Stress

Preparing for the move may be stressful, but dogs feed off your energy. If you’re calm, they will be too. Try to keep anxiety low or remove yourself from the house when you’re trying to figure out difficult situations. Ultimately, this will make moving day easier for all that are involved.


Make the Trip Comfortable

If it’s going to be a long trip to your new home, provide your dog with optimum comfort and make stops often so they can stretch their legs and go to the bathroom. Feed them small meals to prevent upset stomachs. Dogs who are crate trained may be most comfortable taking the trip in their crate.


Consistency is Key

That ragged old dog bed may be the last thing you want to bring into a new, clean home. However, you will need to keep the bed for now. Dogs need the familiarity so bring as much of their stuff as possible including toys, food bowls, and crates. The smell of their old home and their same old routines will make it easier to adjust.


Undivided Attention

In the chaos of moving, you may feel that you don’t have time to sit down and give your dog a belly rub. Taking just a few minutes out of your day to throw a ball, scratch their head, or take them on a walk can give your dog the reassurance that they need that life isn’t changing too much.


Following these tips should help make the transition between homes a breeze. Remember, dogs have feelings too and change is just as hard for them. Doing your research beforehand could save you a lot of trouble in the future. Research local vets, pet laws, and activities such as dog parks before moving to a new area.